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Partner Success

Screenshots of UNHCR sites using The Groundwork


The Hive, a small special projects unit at USA for UNHCR, is transforming the ways Americans respond to the refugee crisis.


USA for UNHCR is leveraging The Groundwork to build and grow a supporter base of Americans addressing the refugee crisis. The platform empowers the UNHCR to quickly launch campaigns that resonate with diverse supporter communities.

“With The Groundwork, we have grown our base of supporters, but more importantly, we have opened up entirely new ways of thinking about how to educate and activate communities in support of refugees around the world.”

Anne-Marie Grey Anne-Marie Grey, USA for UNHCR
Screenshot of the Fabretto site using The Groundwork


Fabretto's mission is to empower underserved children and their families in Nicaragua to reach their full potential and improve their livelihoods through education.


Together, we have worked to better define the organization’s strategic priorities, implement an updated monitoring and evaluation framework, and enhance its digital engagement efforts. These initiatives paved the way for Fabretto to embrace The Groundwork to serve the organization’s ambitions.

“Timshel is a trusted partner that has adapted to the complex environment in which we serve. The impact of our partnership is felt throughout our organization. They've helped expand our capacity in a number of ways, including our ability to reach and engage new supporters.”

Kevin Marinacci Kevin Marinacci, CEO, Fabretto


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